Types of wires:

Super Elastic wires: Will provide moderate consistent force for efficient tooth movement.. Come with
Excellent resiliency with high flexibility. Rectangular arch-wire offers a simultaneously level
and add rotation earlier in treatment.

Beta Titanium: Nickel-Free Archwire displays superb formability for placement of loops and bends reducing
important chair-side time. In addition, the flexibility makes it the perfect arch-wire for use
during the mid-to-late stages of treatment.

Stainless Steel wires: Stainless steel archwires may be used throughout the entire
treatment, but are best suited for mid-to-late stages of treatment.
A special alloy in the archwire provides maximum spring
while minimizing fracturing.

Tooth colored wires: SS and NiTi wires for esthetic brackets, with outstanding durability.

GemmA wires: Rhadium coated wires for friction reduction and  esthetic enhancement .

سیم های با پوشش رادیوم GemmA

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